CLEANING-UP RUBBISH DATA: Guidance for improving UK waste management practices


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Great improvements in the accuracy, consistency, and transparency of sustainability performance data in recent years has played a pivotal role in driving improved practice and performance in the real estate sector, in particular around energy and carbon.

Yet, waste management practices still lag significantly behind. The industry lacks common approaches, reporting frameworks and clear benchmarks, which often leads to reported data being treated with a degree of caution. The lack of transparency makes it difficult for property owners and agents to make informed and effective decisions regarding which waste contractor to appoint.
To tackle the issue, the BBP Managing Agents Partnership has collaborated with a number of leading waste management service providers, to develop a suite of guidance notes to bring greater clarity and standardisation to the industry. These include waste management procurement specifications, a waste reporting template, and recommended volume to weight conversions.

On Thursday, 16th November 2017, JLL hosted the launch of the Managing Agents Partnership’s waste management guidance and hear how it will be used by the Partnership and the wider waste management industry.

The slides from the presentation can be found below.