Waste Management

Waste Management

Managing agents play an important role in arranging the waste management strategies of their clients’ buildings. This typically involves:

  • Setting the waste management requirements for the property;
  • Procuring the waste management services to deliver those requirements;
  • The on-going management of that service provider; and
  • Collecting, monitoring and reporting waste management data.

Managing agents report waste management data to their clients who use the information for their own corporate reporting purposes. In addition, the data can be used by managing agents to feedback into the development of waste reduction strategies, supporting client’s corporate targets and helping to reduce service charge costs.

Yet, there exists may industry challenges regarding the procurement of waste management services, understanding what waste KPIs are most appropriate to measure and the quality of data gathered.

We are exploring a number of opportunities to address these challenges which include:

  1. Educating the waste management sector on the desired waste management services, reporting requirements and why such data is required.
  2. Understanding the challenges faced by the waste management service providers
  3. Developing standard clauses for waste management service agreements which clarify roles and responsibilities, standardise requirements and incentivise improved performance.
  4. Developing standard reporting templates, KPIs and assumption methodologies.
  5. Defining a methodology for grading the quality of waste data.
  6. Developing recommend approaches to auditing and grading the quality of waste data.

We have produced the following documents as a result of this work.