Tandem Joins the Managing Agents Partnership


The Better Buildings Partnership is thrilled to announce the latest member of its Managing Agents Partnership: Tandem Property Asset Management.

Tandem Property Asset Management is a leading independent property asset management partnership “for clients seeking consistently exemplary service.” With 2027 tenants across 448 properties, they are an agile and committed team of property management professionals, dedicated to delivering the highest quality of service at all times.

The Managing Agents Partnership is a collaboration of the UK’s leading property managers, working together to improve the sustainability of commercial buildings. The group largely focuses on the topics of property management standards and waste management, with an aim to assist property owners in meeting their sustainability goals. There are nine other members of the Managing Agents Partnership, or MAP, managing over 29,000 assets across the UK.

Tandem was formed as a joint venture in 2017 to bring together business from Farebrother and Tuckerman. Together, these partners have more than 250 years of combined experience across all sectors of the property market. Their managed properties cover 2.9 million ft2.

"We believe that impact and real change will only happen when individuals are aware and have the self- commitment to make a conscience choice. Tandem  have and  motivate genuinely smart, talented and enthusiastic individuals with a conscience to deliver and enhance client  and customer objectives.  Tandem embraces like-minded independent ‘thinkers’ who want to succeed, challenge and question. Our philosophy is to create and nurture the property assets of tomorrow by putting positive advocacy and progressive action at the heart of what we do. Engaging and participating with the Better Building Partnership further enables us to learn, develop and perform our role in  the environment, society and the property industry." Lisa Riva, Joint Senior Partner at Tandem
“We are delighted to see the membership of the Managing Agents Partnership expand with the addition of Tandem. The work of managing agents is incredibly important in supporting action to deliver better, more sustainable buildings. Collaboration and collective action is a vital part of this and we look forward to having Tandem involved in this industry leading initiative.” Sarah Ratcliffe, CEO of The Better Buildings Partnership