MAP Membership Expands with Ashdown Phillips Joining as Latest Members


The BBP is delighted to welcome Ashdown Phillips to the Managing Agents Partnership (MAP).  

Ashdown Phillips is a specialist property management company, established in 2004. It manages multiple offices, shopping centres, business parks and retail & leisure outlets across the UK with the aim to deliver stronger performance year on year. With around 100 people employed across the UK, including Facilities and Shopping Centre Managers, Property Surveying and Client Accounting teams, Ashdown Phillips has a broad range of sustainability initiatives in place within their business.  Their sustainability strategy takes the form of the #APPSustainabilityPledge and covers: 

  • Data collation, analysis and reporting 
  • Focus on environmental impact and the reduction of carbon emissions 
  • Health and wellbeing 
  • Charity and community engagement  

The Managing Agents Partnership is a collaboration of the UK’s leading property managers, responsible for over 30,000 assets in the UK, who are committed to improving the sustainable management of commercial real estate. There are 12 other members of the Managing Agents Partnership. 

Andrew Wraight, Managing Director of Ashdown Phillips said: “We have worked very hard over the last 18 months to bring our team together on the enormous and somewhat unwieldy subject of sustainability and created a strategy that we have integrated throughout our business and embedded within our culture. Sitting on our hands during lockdown was not an option for us, and I am proud of the progress we have made in terms of our perspective, understanding and action on many fronts.  We have developed a data management strategy in conjunction with one of our consultancy partners, Carbonxgen, become a Foundation Partner of LandAid, and advanced our health and wellbeing provision to include an internal team of Mental Health Ambassadors and First Aiders.  Joining the Managing Agents Partnership at this point represents a great opportunity for us to build on our knowledge, awareness and understanding and to work in conjunction with all our stakeholders to wrestle with the huge challenges facing humanity.” 

Sarah Ratcliffe, CEO, Better Buildings Partnership said: “We are very happy to extend a warm welcome to Ashdown Phillips as the latest property manager to join the Managing Agents Partnership. Property managers play an absolutely vital role in delivering on the sectors’ sustainability objectives. Ashdown Phillips’ membership of MAP demonstrates their commitment to collaboration, upskilling and the practical action needed to ensure that sustainability is embedded across the portfolios they manage.”