LSH property management team scoops sustainability award


LSH & 4D Monitoring win the 2018 PFM award for Partners in Energy Management.

LSH and 4D Monitoring, providers of cutting-edge building and plant monitoring technology have scooped the 2018 PFM (Premises & Facilities Management) award for ‘Partners in Energy Management’. 

The two companies worked together to deploy smart building technology to reduce energy consumption and increase operating efficiencies within their managed portfolio.   With the operational data and reports provided by the 4D Monitoring platform, property owners, managers and contractors were able to gain instant visibility of plant and building performance. In turn, 4D Monitoring and LSH collaborated to ensure these operational insights were used to improve building efficiency.

The average cost to install was just over £2,000 per building, allowing it to be installed into all sizes, types and ages of commercial property. Within just nine months, savings of between 10-30% in energy consumption were seen across 27 sites. Price is a key differentiator for this technology.  Utilising a cost-based approach rather than a proportion of potential saving allows for installation to a far broader spectrum of properties and payback periods typically being gauged in months.

Using a system of preset parameters, 4D Monitoring detects anything from subtle changes in equipment operation to critical errors, and delivers trigger warnings to contractors and site managers so problems can be identified and rectified immediately. The data produced by the system can be interrogated to identity optimisation opportunities to reduce a building’s energy demand. The solution will also produce quarterly performance reports by property, to highlight additional areas to investigate and ensure savings are made on an ongoing basis.  

It can further be used to improve the working environment by tracking air quality, humidity, lighting levels and room temperatures which helps to improve tenant wellbeing.

Director, Matt Livesey, said: “There are many organisations innovating some very creative technology to improve sustainability, but the partnership between LSH and 4D Monitoring has utilised a system that is simple, cost-effective to install and also a very powerful collaboration tool for owner, manager, contractor and occupier. 

As such, it has the potential to improve the way property management is delivered, with enhanced supplier engagement, cost savings, improved wellbeing of building occupiers, to say nothing of the environmental impact of reducing commercial buildings’ energy usage on a large scale. We’re delighted that PFM has endorsed the significance of what 4D Monitoring and LSH have managed to achieve together.

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