Property Management Standards

Given the rate at which commercial property changes hands between both owners and their managing agents, the consistency in how managing agents approach sustainability is of significant importance. To support greater levels of standardisation in this area the Managing Agents Partnership has developed the following programme of work, taking a step-by-step approach to market transformation.

Step 1: Core Provisions

The first step was to define the core sustainability provisions that should be included as part of any property management service offer. A Core Provisions document was published in September 2016. The core provisions have been prepared to ensure applicability across the entire commercial property sector and all members of the Managing Agents Partnership will incorporate these provisions within their property management offer to clients.

It is hoped that these core provisions are adopted and used by the wider industry and that their development will help to create a ‘level playing field’ when offering sustainability services to clients.

Step 2: Best Practice Provisions

The next step will be to develop best practice provisions to help inform the work of leading managing agents who wish to offer services that go beyond the core provisions outlined in this document. These best practice provisions will, once again, be designed to provide greater clarity, specificity and consistency across the industry and provide an important starting point for discussions with clients who would like to see best practice implemented across their property portfolios.

Step 3: Managing Agents Sustainability Toolkit

The Better Buildings Partnership previously developed a Managing Agents Sustainability Toolkit in 2010. As part of this work programme, the Toolkit will be updated to incorporate the core and best practice provisions, providing up to date guidance, links to other resources and case studies. The updated Toolkit will provide a valuable resource for Managing Agents who are keen to incorporate sustainability within their property management services, but also for clients keen to procure property management services that are following best practice principles.

Step 4: Training

Following the update of the Toolkit, the intention is to develop a training programme for property managers who will be responsible for implementing sustainability across their clients’ property portfolios. This training will be based upon the Toolkit and will be available to managing agents across the industry.